Tips and Tricks for Great Blogs Post!

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Catching the eye is just the beginning aspect when writing a good blog post, but keeping the eye maybe the hard part when writing. A lot things in life are competitive, but if you can write great blog post you do not have to compete as hard as you think. My personal opinion is when writing a great blog starts with having a catchy title. Have a title that makes your reader want to read more! A blogger by the name of Aaron Lee Wei-Ren wrote a blog titled, “5 Tips to Write a Blog Post People Will Actually Read.” Click the link below the blog to read more of his tips, but I can summarize it for you! Aaron mentions when writing a blog post:

  1. Keep in mind who you are giving your information out too.
  2. Make sure your content is thought-provoking.
  3. Create the type of writing you like.
  4. As mentioned above have a good title!
  5. After your good title start your blog off in a way that will make your readers want to start a conversation.

When you know who your target audience is you will feel more comfortable writing the information that relates to them. The topic of your blog can lead to more than what you started with. Before you begin writing strategize, plan it out, or even sketch it out so you can visualize how your blog will turn out to be in the end for your readers. If you will not read it, do not write it. My last tip of advice is to ALWAYS proof read, or have someone proof read it for you. Mistakes happen, but if you are wanting to publish a GREAT blog post follow these tips and tricks because I know I will! 


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  1. Ra’Leshia,

    Your blog was great! I like how you posted the tips and then had a paragraph explaining them. Many people posted the tips and explained each one next to it, but yours was different so it was nice to see something new. The only thing I would say is to maybe change the font of your title, it was a little difficult to read. I chose this font at first too and realized the difficulty of reading it. Your title was very cute and catchy, it wasn’t just “5 tips for good blogging”. Another thing, highlight or bold your tips next time. Other than that I loved the tips you gave and how you presented them. I will be by to read more of your blogs!


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