Campaign Gone Wrong

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Hillary Clinton fought hard battle in the 2016 Presidential Election against President Donald Trump. Both campaigns were very tough and unpredictable of who would come out on top.

Throughout the election people of the United States focused more on who each person was as far as their personalities instead of what they stood for as politicians.

The results of the election was shocking to so many media outlets. CNN predicted that Hillary had an 85 percent chance of winning. So what went wrong? Lets look into just a couple of things that may have went wrong throughout her campaign

Target Audience: As a woman, Clinton automatically had majority of women in support of her. She should have found a way to pull American men and higher class Americans in full support. She did not focus or campaign hard enough for the States that were originally against her. She campaign more in the 18 states that have always voted Democrat.

Politically Correctness: Donald Trump did not always use or say the right things throughout the campaign. Clinton hope to gain more voters that was against Trump harsh language, but that did not work as well. It showed that being politically correct isn’t always the way to gain voters. Instead of using her experience over the use of Trump language she would have been able to battle with him more. She did not use her political experience to her advantage.

Hillary campaign was not a disaster, but she did not come out on top. Since she did not win to be our President of the United States we can always look back at the campaign to where what exactly went wrong, and what could have been handled better.





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  1. Ra’Leshia, your insight on Clinton’s campaign is insightful. I appreciate the fact that you shared with your readers the target audience. I think this had an impact on the outcome of the results. I also like that you compared Trumps speech and incorrectness juxtaposed to him winning the election. Your perspective of the campaign really makes the reader evaluate the outcome of the election. Great job!


  2. Yo Ray Ray, I fet like you covered her story and the crisis of her campaign really well. I understand probably her tactics and even her morals may have been off, but I believe she would have made a great president. Not only that but I feel like the feud between her and Trump, could have lessend and probably if she was not on focused on his people, trying to pose him as a fraud she may have won.


  3. Fantastic job on describing about your political campaign strategy that went completely wrong because it shows what had happened. Plus, excellent job on bringing the target audience in your blog to see about the failed political campaign strategy.


  4. Hi Ra’Leshia! I enjoyed your blog post, specifically the section about being politically correct. I think that in this election, political correctness was not valued as it was in the past which was kind of weird. I agree about your comments about Hilary Clinton and I felt that this blog post was really insightful.


  5. I defiantly agree with what you said about Hillary not using her political experience to the best of her ability. I really enjoyed your post and think that you really hit the mark of why her campaign wasn’t as successful.


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