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Comment #1 April 10th, 2016

Five Tips That’ll Make you an Amazing Blogger: Nina Harden

I love your title of your blog! Your blog was easy to follow and read. One of my favorite tips is to be original. Being professional when writing a blog post limit some of the creativity. Some styles of writing does not follow the professional guide lines of a blog post. What I like about your title is the color and font size. It is catchy to the eye within your layout. Keep blogging and I’ll keep reading!

Comment #2 April 10, 2017  Tips on writing good blog post Adaptive Marketing 

I like how you started your blog with a quote from Plato. It feeds off motivation for future writers such as myself. The start of your blog did keep me reading. I read it as if you were talking directly to me. I like the layout and the boldness of each tips. It makes it easy to follow. I enjoyed your last tip the most, “Don’t insult their intelligence.” Less is always more. Good blogs get straight to the point, and I really appreciate your honesty. – Ra’Leshia D.

Comment #3 April 15th, 2017 Crisis Communication | Brands: Why are you Crowd-sourcing your own PR Crisis?  | Written by : Nicole Matejic

The intro of your blog is a great hook. I like how you gave your own definition of what crowd-sourcing means. Before reading your blog I had no idea of its meaning. I enjoyed that you got straight to the point with your examples of the PR campaigns that were ended because of crowd-sourcing. After summarizing the crisis, the feedback to prevent crowd sourced crisis is easy to follow. The font and color differentiation of the information that follows help with that. I would change the description under your first advice of, “Don’t trust the internet. Ever.” It starts off strong and then weakens. The internet helped saved a lot of companies and PR Departments. You can trust the internet. Be careful of self judgement. The customers are more important. – Ra’Leshia Davis

Comment # 4 April 17th, 2017. Crisis Communication | United Airlines and Their PR Nightmare | Nina Harden

I have to agree with your opening statement, “On Sunday April 9th, 2017, United Airlines faces, in my opinion, one of their worst PR situations to date.”

I love that you gave a summary with details of what happened. This story was on so many News outlets. Everyone has different point of views and opinions of what should be done next. United need to build a foundation of how to prevent something like this from happening again. Even though it was not United Airline security that aggressively took the man off the plain still gave them a terrible image.

I have to agree with you on the CEO, Oscar Munoz statement. It did not seem very apologetic it is customer. His statement did portray as if the customer was the problem, and not the actual reasoning behind it.

Comment #5 Professional Interview | professional


Comment #6 Professional Interview | Thoughts by Elise 

I like that there is one focus of topic within this interview. Not everyday that we come across someone who is PR for a big race. The interview is very detailed and long winded for a blog post. The details are good and help for someone who would be saying, “tell me more.” The advice given is helpful for PR and beyond. Really good detailed interview!

Comment #7 Campaign Strategies | Andrew Clark | The Five Best Campaign Blogs of 2011

I enjoy that this blog contains more than one political personal. Blog post are an essential way to use in a campaign. This blog focuses on five key political campaigns that used blogs and social media to reach their audiences. The font color of the name contrast the following information provided. President Obama 2012 is one that stood out to me. I like that you brought to the attention that Obama blog post for his campaign had a successful title of, “Blog” nothing more nothing less.

Comment #8 Campaign Strategies  | Allanne Quick “Bernie did you feel the burn?” 

First off, I love your title. Way to be creative with such a political topic. I appreciate that you broke down the campaign. You started off with the party he was running for, which was Democrat. You then go into who is target audience was. I like how you gave points on what he was all about. He wanted free tuition for the college students and to legalize the use of marijuana. I agree with you when you mentioned that you are not sure what he wanted to achieve for his slogan, “Feel the Burn.” I would go more in depth on why you believe his campaign was not successful.

Comment #9 Info Graphic | PR NewsWire | What is PR [Inforgraphic]

I love this info graphic. I enjoyed that it contains information from other people. You asked people all over social to media to complete the statement, “PR is…” It’s such a good thing to see because there are so many definitions in regards to what Public Relations actually is. I like the different types icon message bubbles within this graphic.

Comment #10 Info Graphic | How to Conduct a Successful Interview – Dre

Your info graphic is great! The color scheme you chose was not too much or too little. The lay out of your blog matches the info graphic. The graphics goes well with the information that follows. Without the blog I think I know the right steps to take to be prepared for an interview. Only thing you’re missing is the citation on where you got your information from. Good job on your final blog for PR.




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